Mickelmarsh Mouse House
Rodent Rescue

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Get Involved

Even if you're not in the position to offer an animal a home there are plenty of other ways you can help.

Spread the word

If you know of someone looking for a small pet why not point them in our direction. If we don't have the right animal for them we may know of a rescue that does.

Are you on Facebook or Twitter? By sharing the stories of our animals you can help them find homes faster.


Donations needn't be monetary, there are plenty of items that we would be happy to receive.

SHREDDED PAPER: We are in constant need of shredded paper for the mices beds.

FOOD: Rat pellets, Rabbit and Rat muesli mixes or Gerty Guinea-Pig food,

all come in very handy with so many mouths to feed.

CAGES, TOYS etc: Do you have any cages or accessories that you no-longer need?

Our small furries love new toys to play with.

HOUSEHOLD ITEMS: Egg boxes and Tea towels/ Hand towels, soon destroyed but always enjoyed.

GOOD QUALITY ITEMS: We are always looking for items that could be auctioned to raise funds.


Could you offer a temporary home to any of our animals while they wait for their new family to come along?

*Subject to homecheck and completion of contract.


If you are unable to provide a foster home but would still like to provide some hands on help with the animals why not offer to muck in at cleaning time. Cuddles are of course mandatory.

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