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Animals for Adoption

Before applying to adopt any of the following animals please read through our adoption procedure here.

If you think you may be interested in keeping any of the species we have for adoption
, and would like to know more about them, please get in touch. We are happy to advise on all aspects of care for your new friend(s).

The best owners take the time to research and ask questions before committing to a new pet.


Mice are social creatures and should be kept together where possible. Related male mice will sometimes live happily together in small groups, provided they can't smell any females.

We recommend that groups of male mice are kept in a room where you spend time often so if any fights occur that draw blood you are able to separate the mice immediately. Chasing behaviour, providing no blood is drawn, is fairly normal and helps the mice establish their group hierarchy.

If male mice won't live happily in a group, when funds allow, the mice that are healthy enough to undergo the operation are neutered.

They can then be homed as companions for female mice or a submissive un-neutered male mouse.

If a male mouse is unable to be neutered for whatever reason they could still have company in the form of female multimammates or zebra mice (these species can't interbreed). When this isn't an option we look for a home that can provide the mouse with plenty of attention and time out of their cage.

Please get in touch if you would be interested in adopting a male mouse or if you would like to make a donation to help towards our neutering costs.



 This page was last updated October 2018

For the latest information on our animals for adoption
please email, tweet or get in contact via Facebook .


Eddie (left), Buck, Apollo and Blitz (right) are a group of four entire male mice born late July 2017.

They are brothers who have been living together happily since birth and we hope they will continue to do so.

This is a lovely active little group and all of the boys are happy to be handled.
Eleven is an entire male mouse born late November 2017.
After being purchased as a female he quickly had to be separated from his sisters when his owner discovered he was, in fact, male.

Eleven is now looking for a home on his own where he will receive plenty of attention, as well as toys to keep his mind stimulated.

He is a little nervous to begin with but will sit happily in the palm of your hand if given time to come you himself.
Wonka is a male mouse born late December 2017.

As Wonka is not neutered he's looking for a home on his own or where he can be bonded with a female multimammate.

He is a lovely cuddly boy who enjoys time out of the cage exploring his surroundings.

 If you would like to adopt Wonka please email us for an application.

Davey is a male mouse born approx July 2018.

Unfortunately Davey was in a bit of a state when he first arrived, following a fight with his previous cage mate. He's recovered really well but has been left with multiple scars .

As this means he can't be neutered, Davey is looking for a home where he'll receive plenty of human attention. He could possibly be introduced to a female multimammate but is a very small mouse and might find the size difference scary.

Davey is very well behaved and is happy to come out for a cuddle (as you can see from his photo).


Kane and Hunter are brothers born between June and September 2017. They are typical young, bouncy boys and love racing each other around their cage.

These boys are too energetic to sit still for long but they don't mind being picked up and held for a short while.


Rancy, Biggie and Dinkle came to us after their owners partner developed serious allergies to them. Rancy was born approx Jan 2017. Biggie and Dinkle are brothers born approx May 2017.

Dinkle (left) is a live-wire, who seems to survive on very little sleep. He is always up at the front of the cage, waiting to be let out at any opportunity. Rancy (grey) loves cuddles when they are offered to him but he's also happy to be left snuggled up in a hammock.

Biggie (right) is a very nervous boy who squeals and bites when an attempt is made to pick him up. We have moved the group into a Savic Royal with large access doors to try and help get Biggie used to people entering 'his space'.


Belle and Teacup are two sisters looking for a home with their neutered boyfriend, Derek.

Derek was introduced to the girls after arriving here on his own and we wish all attempts at bonding went as smoothly. They are now inseparable.

When they're awake seem to inhabit different areas of their cage, making them a joy to watch as wherever you look there's always something going on. At bedtime you'll find them cuddled up together on a cage shelf.

They would make an ideal introduction to degu as, as well as being incredibly entertaining, they enjoy being held.


Jesús (left) and José (right- food bowl) are male gerbils born late 2016. They are looking for a home with Josés son Alejandro (born Feb 2017).

They are a very close group, incredibly active and will require plenty of space to run, dig and play in. Their new home would need to have a four foot fish- tank (or similar) for them to live in.

All are happy to be held.

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