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Updates on the rescue and the animals waiting for homes or in new ones.

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Lots going on

Posted by [email protected] on April 25, 2013 at 9:35 AM Comments comments (5)

Since our last update Hovis, Warburton and Nimble the mice have been successfully neutered.  Klaus decided he'd rather keep his bits, so developed an abscess just in time to prevent him from having the op.  Hovis, Warburton and Nimble have all healed up well and are once again available for adoption; although it will be May 27th before they can be introduced to any female companions. Klaus is now on antibiotics but will hopefully be ready for a new home soon.


We always love to hear how our animals are doing once in a new home, so were really pleased to receive an email from Wheeto, Lara and Zelda’s mum. The girls decided they weren’t too keen on their first cage mate but have since found a mouse that is more to their liking. Wheeto is doing well and helping to take care of his new lady friends.

Unfortunately the good news is often accompanied by bad and this month we have said goodbye to Nibbles, Millie, Cheddar, Flower, Petal and Twirl the Mice and Lily the Rat. Thank you to the families that provided these little ones with wonderful homes. We’d also like to send our sympathies to Pickle and Lily’s parents following the loss of their older rat, Glory.

Nibbles and Millie were both part of the Spalding rescue case. Whilst here Nibbles earned himself the nickname of Monkey as he liked to hang from the top of the cage by just his back legs. Once reaching their new home Nibbles and his cage mates decided to show themselves up by having a falling out. We are very grateful to his human family for persisting with the boys and eventually reintroducing Nibbles to Monty (Philip).

Millie had not been in the best of health for a while. The moment she seemed to be showing signs of improvement new symptoms would appear. I’m sure she appreciated every day spent in her only real home with plenty of toys and friends to share them with.

Cheddar came to us after a falling out with his brother. We had him neutered and he went to live with a lovely group of girls. Cheddar was a real little celebrity with his own Facebook following and an Etsy store full of greetings cards.

Lily (originally called Gerkin) came to us with her sister Pickle and two older rats when their owner was moving house. The girls hadn’t been handled in their previous home, so we were worried it would be difficult to find someone willing to take them on. With the help of her new parents and the resident rat Lily became much braver. She enjoyed time spent on the sofa with her sisters having a good cuddle in their snooze cube.

Flower, Petal and Twirl were all residents of the rescue. Flower and Petal were both saved from breeding young to feed birds of prey. Despite their dreadful start to life both girls had the sweetest temperament. They were absolutely inseparable and so I’m almost pleased that they got to cross the Rainbow Bridge together. Twirl got her name as she was a gorgeous chocolate coloured mouse with a condition that made her lean to one side as she walked. Twirl had a very strong will and never let her disability get in the way of having fun. If she couldn’t do something the standard way she would just invent her own method.

Last week we said welcome back to Bipper the mouse. As Bipper was clearly able to squeeze out of the cage she was living in with her Mum and litter mates it was decided she would return to the mouse house in able to be bonded with her younger sisters. This went very well and so we now have seven female mice looking for homes. Thank you to Sharon for making a donation on Bipper’s return. It is always very helpful when a previous owner helps to fund some of the animals’ on going care, as costs soon mount up.

Harringworth, Rothwell and Oakley the male mice, who came to us when another small rescue closed down, are still here but are unavailable for adoption at present. Harringworth has developed cloudiness in one of his eyes so is currently undergoing treatment. We are hoping it is caused by an ulcer and will eventually clear. The good news is that he seems completely unfazed by both his eye itself and the eye drops being put into it.



Happy Easter

Posted by [email protected] on April 7, 2013 at 6:55 PM Comments comments (0)

We hope you have all had a fab Easter, filled with chocolate, hot-cross buns and other goodies.

Rodney and Ronnie the rats found themselves a new home in which to celebrate their first Easter. We’ve received an update to say that both boys are doing well but as they are still quite nervous their new family are giving them time to settle in before introducing them to Izzy (the resident rat).

The 11 Tri-coloured female mice left Friday the 5th to begin the journey to their new home. Once they arrive the girls will be re-introduced to two of their brothers, Cyrus and Jack, who have now been neutered. We’d like to say a big Thank you to Claire and Rat out of Hell Rescue for collecting and transporting these little ones.

We have received two sizeable donations this week, courtesy of the tri-coloured girls’ new mum Alison and Environment Films. This money is being used to fund the neutering of Klaus, Warburton and Hovis (three lone male mice) on Monday 15th April. We can't wait to be able to inroduce these boys to a new friend or two.

If you have a lone male mouse or some female mice looking for a new companion, and would like to offer a home to one of these boys post-neuter, please get in touch.

As well as monetary donations something else we are always thankful for are bags of paper shreddings. Chris & Cat, Jo and the volunteers at the Salvation Army we'd like to send you our appreciation, on behalf of all the animals, for providing them with such lovely soft substrate.


Animal Aid Documentary

Posted by [email protected] on March 21, 2013 at 4:00 PM Comments comments (0)

Last weekend a trio of mice and I travelled to London to take part in an educational documentary being produced by Environment Films on behalf of Animal Aid.

I decided to take three of the 11 tri-coloured girls as my own mice, who were due to feature, are currently under the weather and beginning to feel their age. All three girls were beautifully behaved during the whole two hours of filming and on the journey home. They were happy to be handled by the two presenters and not at all bothered by the noise of the camera. They certainly seemed a lot less nervous than me!


I feel a tad sorry for the editor who has to extract five or ten minutes of coherent conversation from hours of me waffling (well if you will get me started on mice) but can't wait to see the final result.


The tri-coloured mice

Posted by [email protected] on March 21, 2013 at 2:55 PM Comments comments (0)

Last week we received an update on the Shipmice from their new mum- Jack, Jonathan, Cyrus and Pav went in for their neuters on Monday 11th. Sadly Jonathan and Pav both passed away post-op, after opening their wounds.

Mickelmarsh would like to personally thank the vet and nurses who did their best to save these boys.

Thankfully Jack and Cyrus are both doing well and have healed up nicely. In a few weeks, when they are no-longer fertile, the boys will be reunited with their 11 sisters. Each boy will live with a group of girls in nice big cages with plenty to explore.

Neapolitan, the smallest of the tri-coloured boys, also left for the Rainbow Bridge last week. He weighed a miniscule 10g when he first arrived but after some TLC had begun to steadily gain weight. After showing such improvement it was a big shock to find him curled up in his forever sleep. Neapolitan’s cage mate (Sundae) has now been re-introduced to his two brothers (Choc-Ice and Fudge).


Comings and goings

Posted by [email protected] on March 6, 2013 at 3:10 PM Comments comments (0)

This week we have said ‘Bon voyage’ to Choc-Chip, Butterscotch, Rum and Raisin (who have since been renamed Jack, Jonathan, Cyrus and Pav Shipmouse). We have already received one lovely email from the boys and are already looking forward to the next. Thank you to Rat Out of Hell Rescue for recommending this wonderful home and helping to transport the boys there.

In a couple of days we will also be saying goodbye to Wheeto the mouse and Lara & Zelda the multimammates. All are going to a new home as companions for lone mice. We wish them the best of luck in their new home and hope introductions go well.

Of course the moment one critter leaves the mouse house another arrives to take their place. So today we welcome back Soda, Baker and Rye mouse. These naughty boys were not behaving themselves at their foster homeso are back in preparation for neutering.

Thank you to The Littlest Rescue for providing these lads with a foster place as well as making a donation to help with their neutering costs.


Thank you Sian

Posted by [email protected] on February 19, 2013 at 10:45 AM Comments comments (0)

Sian kindly made a donation after rehoming some mice locally. This is a lovely thing to do if you're unable to provide a rescue animal with a home. In this instance time was of the essence to find Roquefort some company, as his girlfriend has developed a tumour. We hope the new girls (Edam and Brie) settle in well and that Rum is around for a while yet.  

One big happy family

Posted by [email protected] on February 6, 2013 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

You'll be pleased to know that the group of 24 Mice that arrived last month are all doing well.

We took photos of each of the mice and have been keeping records of their weights against the photos. We've run into a slight problem though; as the mice are tri-coloured some of their markings have taken a while to come through. So now the photos don't correspond with the actual mice but we're happy that all are putting on weight.

The boys have bulked out well now that they don't have to fight for their food. You would never believe these were the same Mice, with their newly glossy coats and lively characters, were it not for their missing tails. The girls are gradually coming out of their shells. They've been coming out for playtime with the six Glitsy-girl mice, who are helping to build their confidence.

These little ones are now ready for homes. They are still a little quick at the moment, so will be looking for owners who have kept mice before. The boys are to be homed in pairs and trios. The girls can be homed in pairs, trios or small groups. We are thinking of introducing Wheeto, a neutered male mouse, to some of the girls and they will be looking for a home together. Daddy mouse (Klaus) is waiting to be neutered before being rehomed.

With help from our Facebook followers the boys have all been named, although we've not really decided who's who yet.

They are: Butterscotch, Fudge, Choc-Chip, Choc-Ice, Rum, Raisin, Magnum, Rocky (Road), Neapolitan, Sundae, Cornetto and (Mr) Whippy.

A very busy weekend

Posted by [email protected] on February 4, 2013 at 11:30 AM Comments comments (0)

Four Mice and four Rats have left us for homes this weekend.

Wasabi the Mouse was a holiday guest from Scritches Rat and Rodent Rescue, who came to stay with the hope that he could be neutered. Unfortunately Wasabi is still too small to be done after a months stay so he has now travelled home. Big Baby, an older neutered Male, has left with Wasabi in the hope that they will become good friends.

Scritches are also looking after Miguel the Mouse for us so that next week he can travel to his new home.

Kenco the Mouse and The Agouti girl Rats have gone to a wonderful new home together. The girls new cage was so full of toys and beds to explore that they didn't even look back as I said goodbye. Kenco seemed equally pleased with his new digs. Thank you Chloe and Tim for adopting them all. We look forward to updates once they've had a chance to settle in.

Thank you Charlotte

Posted by [email protected] on February 4, 2013 at 11:20 AM Comments comments (0)

Thank you to Charlotte and her Mice, Pepsi and Truffle, for their kind donation.

Thank you House of Mouse Photography

Posted by [email protected] on January 29, 2013 at 1:55 PM Comments comments (0)

We'd like to say a big THANK YOU to Lauren of House of Mouse Photography for her generous donation of £71.50.

The money was raised through the sale of calendars containing Lauren's lovely Mouse photos, as well as a collage created by the members of the Mice are Nice forum.

Lauren has rehomed many mice from ourselves and their pictures, as well as many others, can be seen on her Facebook group or for sale in her online store.