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Animals for Adoption

Before applying to adopt any of the following animals please read through our adoption procedure here.

If you think you may be interested in keeping any of the species we have for adoption
, and would like to know more about them, please get in touch. We are happy to advise on all aspects of care for your new friend(s).

The best owners take the time to research and ask questions before committing to a new pet.


We often have lone male mice looking for homes.

When funds allow, the mice that are healthy enough to undergo the operation are neutered.
They can then be homed as companions for female mice or a submissive un-neutered male mouse.

If a male mouse is unable to be neutered for whatever reason they could still have company in the form of female multimammates or zebra mice (these species can't interbreed). When this isn't an option we look for a home that can provide the mouse with plenty of attention and time out of their cage.

Please get in touch if you would be interested in adopting a male mouse or if you would like to make a donation to help towards our neutering costs.



Please email, tweet or get in contact via Facebook for more information on the animals found below and details of any new arrivals.


Ernest is a lone male mouse, coming up to his second birthday. I don't think anyone has told him though; as he's so lively you would never guess.


Kuvina (right) is a young male rat who developed a lump on his face shortly after his arrival with us. This lump has responded well to treatment but may reoccur in the future. Kuvina is rather partial to his food but we just say this makes him a nice size for cuddling.

He is looking for a home with his friend Meeko.

Meeko is as cuddly but will come up to the cage bars to say 'hello' as you come into the room.

Darcy and Bennet are two middle-aged ratty boys. After trying, unsuccessfully, to introduce them to other male rats we have decided it is best that these lads go to live in their pair. Both enjoy human company and are happy to be handled, especially if food bribes are provided.

We don't know the background of Nemo (pictured) and Marlin as they were brought to us after being found in an abandoned property. These boys are both very handtame and have obviously been, in the most part, well cared-for.

Now that they have been fed back up and treated for parasites Nemo and Marlin are ready for a new home.


Molly, Belle and Teacup are three sisters looking for a home with their neutered boyfriend, Derek.

Derek was introduced to the girls after arriving here on his own and we wish all attempts at bonding went as smoothly. They are now inseparable.

When they're awake seem to inhabit different areas of their cage, making them a joy to watch as wherever you look there's always something going on. At bedtime you'll find them cuddled up together on a cage shelf.

They would make an ideal introduction to degu as, as well as being incredibly entertaining, they enjoy being held.


Jesús (left) and José (right- food bowl) are male gerbils born late 2016. They are looking for a home with their sons, Antonio and Alejandro (born Feb 2017).

They are a very close group, incredibly active and will require plenty of space to run, dig and play in. Their new home would need to have a four foot fish- tank (or similar) for them to live in.

The two dads are happy to be held, while the boys are a bit more fidgety but can be caught without too much difficultly.


Possum and Bandicoot are two male multimammates who we feel to be teen to middle-aged. When their original 'owner' threatened their lives a good samaritan stepped in and drove the boys across the country to get them to us.

Initially a bit nippy, these lads have improved greatly and are now ready for a new home. Multimammates tend to be gnawers so although we haven't seen any signs as of yet with this pair we would prefer their new home to be chew proof.

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